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Alcoholics Anonymous: what is it, how does it work? The Alcohol 'Problem' Podcast

In this episode we explore what Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is and how it works. First we talk to Dr Hannah Glassman, a qualitative researcher and psychologist who has published multiple studies on experiences of people in AA. Next we talk to Prof John F Kelly who has conducted extensive research into how recovery and AA groups work. We examine a range of issues including the history of AA, expectations and traditions typically found in AA, who AA may or may not be suitable for, how AA may help those it does, and why it is not for everyone who experiences alcohol problems. Dr Hannah Glassman's publications on experiences of AA can be found here. Prof John F Kelly's publications on addiction and recovery can  be found here.A Cochrane review into the effectiveness of AA can be found here.References mentioned in the show include:Overlapping Mechanisms of Recovery between Professional Psychotherapies and Alcoholics Anonymous; Marcovitz et al. (2020) Denial in addiction; Hannah Pickard (2016)Reconstructing ‘the Alcoholic’: Recovering from Alcohol Addiction and the Stigma this Entails; Hill & Leeming (2014) Support the show
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